Cabinet of Curiosities

Here is where you’ll find things I like/love, and dislike!
I find happiness in the simplest of things so where to begin!

Love: DrawingMandala creation 12

For years I’ve enjoyed drawing intricate patterns and designs such as Mandalas and Zentangles. Above is one of the many mandalas I’ve drawn. I am a huge fan of symmetry as symmetrical images are pleasing to the eye. Mandalas represent the universe in Hinduism and Buddhism and symbolise unity and harmony. I draw these as I find it helps me explore different ways to create and it also helps keep me occupied and out of boredom. I even have a tattoo on my left wrist of a mandala I drew!

Love: Horror Films/ Programmesother-side-gallery-03-gallery-image.jpg

Here’s a still from one of the latest horror films I watched called “The Other Side of the Door”. It had such an intriguing storyline, something I’ve never seen before which I loved. I enjoy the suspense that comes with horror films and programmes, it keeps me wanting more. Jump scares are also an aspect I love as they are unexpected (sometimes) and I enjoy the adrenaline rush from them. A horror programme I’ve been really into at the moment is a Netflix Original called Scream which is about 5 teenagers and a serial killer. I’ll leave the rest up to you to watch.

HATE: Spiders… Well insects in general423906

I mean don’t get me wrong, some are pretty and yes I know they’re good for the environment and food chain and things but insects send chills through my whole body. Spiders especially, I despise them with a passion and I am honestly really scared of them.

Like: Makeup and Nail ArtIMG_9908

Ignore my messy eyebrows but a hobby of mine is experimenting with makeup and painting my nails. I find it fascinating how makeup could completely change someone’s appearance but also how they feel about themselves and how they  perceive themselves. On days where I do wear makeup I feel confident and I feel good about myself.
A few of my favourite makeup brands include Benefit, Mac, Nars, Urban Decay and Tarte.
Nail art is a way for me to well, basically do art on my nails! Again, I love decorating my nails with colours, designs, gems and more! The possibilities  are endless and it always just adds a little wow to your hands.
My  favourite nail polish brands are Barry M, O.P.I, China Glaze, MoYou London, Sally Hansen and Kiko.

Like: Camping/ ExploringIMG_9981

I’ve loved camping since I did the Duke of Edinburgh award in Year 10. Above is a picture of when I recently went camping with my friends. It was a great experience as DoE taught me how to put up a tent, read maps and coordinates and much more which I then applied to the camping trip I went recently. The whole idea of being outdoors, away from WiFi and electricity in general ( Always need a phone on hand for emergencies as well as selfies ) appeals to me as we interact more with each other without being distracted or losing focus.
I love exploring such as wondering around London (where I live), seeing the areas of London that aren’t really talked about or advertised. Places such as Banksy’s Tunnel in Waterloo, Holland Park, Regents Canal (Also known as Grand Union Tow Path, a canal in Camden with boat houses) and many more are places that aren’t very talked about but types of places I love to explore. Every week I go out to new places in London like art galleries and museums and the best thing is that most of them are all free!!

Dislike: Crowded Places

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 20.42.12

Born and raised in London I’ve learnt to deal and cope with the rush and crowds. I like my personal space, places that are peaceful and not too packed and places such as shopping centres, the underground and well…Central London in general are extremely crowded although it’s something that you can’t avoid. Travelling on the tube during rush hour is something I especially don’t like as it gets overwhelmingly crowded and in the summer it gets really hot and disgusting. This is something that comes with London so I’ve learnt to deal with it!

Like: All things hair
Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 22.07.07.png20160916_214030.jpg

Ever since I was small, I’ve loved doing different hairstyles, cutting it differently and in recent years colouring it! In school, I was always known as the girl with red/pink/blonde hair, cool hairstyles and even Rapunzel as I had REALLY long hair. I see hair a way to experiment with your looks change your mood for the day. I enjoy having my hair straight as my natural hair is unruly curls, waves, and a tonne of frizz. I also enjoy dying my hair ( I dye my hair myself as I can do it how I like ) a different colour as I find my natural colour boring and why not experiment!

Like: Film PhotographyScreen Shot 2016-09-19 at 15.56.55.png

Here is my beloved Diana F+ Lomography camera. I love film photography as I love the variations such as the different tones and colours, the types of film cameras and just generally handling one is beautiful. One of my most favourite things about film photography is developing the photos. Going in the dark room, developing the images and watching them come alive on the photo paper is something that intrigues me. Not just that but also just having physical copies of photos which I have developed makes me proud as the process is tedious and requires a lot of patience.

Dislike: Mint Ice Cream

Nope, just feel like I’m eating toothpaste…

Love: Singing and Dancing

singing gif.gif

(A Level Music Video)
I started singing from a young age, so young I don’t remember now. I’ve always had a passion for singing but have always been shy to perform. I sing when I’m sad, happy, excited, I sing all the time! It’s one of my favourite hobbies, I even do it without realising!
Dancing has also been a passion of mine since I was young as I joined Honey’s Dance Academy when I was around 5 and loved dancing since then. Now I have branched out to teaching myself the different styles of dancing such as hip-hop and belly dancing. Dancing makes me feel joyous and carefree which brightens my mood makes my day.

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