Hollywood – Hush


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Psychological horror directed by Mike Flanagan, Maddie Young  is a young author who went deaf and mute after suffering bacterial meningitis when she was 13 years old. She moved out the city and into a small cottage in the woods, living off sales she makes from her novels. One night a masked killer is after her and finds an interest in her deaf state and takes it to his advantage. The night progresses as Maddie tries to find away to escape or defeat the killer and eventually does.

An aspect I found interesting in this film was the dialogue, there was barely any! There was very simple dialogue and small conversation throughout the film which helps the viewer focus more on the actions and what is going on. If here was more dialogue in the film it could hinder the characters perception to the viewer and even manipulate the storyline. The minimal dialogue makes the viewer understand and puts them in Maddie’s deaf state as you are just watching what happens and you cannot hear much.

In the beginning Maddie talks about the voices in her head that help her write her novels. Those voices come through in the end and the viewer experiences these voices. There is one main voice surrounded by background voices and they all link to each other. The dialogue is cleverly thought out as the mixture of voices relate to each other by finishing each others sentences or answering the main voices questions. The voices are her conscience and is voicing her thoughts on how to survive. It takes the viewer though the series on events and ideas she has on how to escape or kill the killer such as running out but she won’t get far, hiding but he’ll find her etc.
These voices and thoughts correlate with her novels as she mentions she always has many endings and doesn’t know which is the best to pick, same with her thoughts on how to survive. These voices in her head suggest that it keeps her sane as she cannot talk so she talks to herself in her mind because thats her only way of verbally speaking.

Overall, the choice of location, actors and the cinematography were well thought out and executed. It worked very well with the style of the film.


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