European – The Lobster

Lobster gif.gif1401x788-TheLobster.jpg

Imagine if your significant other left you and you became single with 45 days to live otherwise you’d be turned into an animal. David, better known as Room 101 became single after his wife left him for another man. This film follows David in his 45 day journey to find a romantic partner and remain human. It begins with David moving to a hotel specialising in finding people partners and helping couples. Everyone is stripped of their belongings and personal possessions  which help makes sure that everyone is equal. The hotel also has strict rules and a tight schedule to follow each day. David follows all these rules till one day he has had enough.

In the film the singles have to go hunting in the woods for loners. Loners are singles that live in the woods and are hunted and tranquillised which earns the hunter an extra day to remain human.The choice of the location (as well as the cinematography) is what makes these hunting scenes intriguing. The location sets the atmosphere and feeling for the hunting scenes as the dark woods is known to be dangerous and especially in the dark, which is when they go hunting. The low light connotes being vulnerable, alone, fearful and also death. The sounds of the woods aid in giving a lonely atmosphere as there are birds chirping, trees rustling and there is no one to be heard. This works together with the storyline of the singles.

In terms of the hunting aspect of the storyline, it suggests that it doesn’t matter if they turn into an animal, they already are one as they are being hunted and treated like animals. Ironically the storyline suggests that the singles aren’t aware of the fact they are being treated like animals before they are turned into one. This could imply that they are training and preparing the people for turning into animals. The guests being treated like animals is also suggested when the hotel manager refers to people by their room numbers and not their names which gives them a lower class rating as if they were animals.  

I would recommend this film to anyone that is interested in watching a film that stands out from the top latest films. It’s a simple film in terms of cinematography and editing which sets it apart from the latest films. It’s a little strange but also humorous which makes this film very enjoyable to watch.

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