Short Film – ReMoved

zoe gif.gifScreen Shot 2016-09-15 at 16.01.07.png

Zoe is the protagonist of this film as it is taken from her perspective. The main dialogue in the film is her voiceover, talking about her life and how she feels which is accompanied by desolate music.

Zoe is a little girl with an abusive father that mistreats the whole family. As her parents are arguing all the time, her and her little brother don’t get any attention, so she is left taking care of him and herself. One night her father gets arrested, leaving her and her little brother to be taken away by Child Services. Zoe feels a deep sadness taking over her as she is ripped away from her only companion and a mother. The film follows her staying with multiple foster parents that all gave up on her which made her feel like no one cares and no one is strong for her. Her past and current situation gets her very angry which makes her get violent. One time she threw over the fence and broke the families record player which resulted in them getting angry at her and punishing her.
Zoe’s character develops by her turning from a little girl that was always silent and taking the abuse into her having violent outbursts. This is due to her past which has scarred her and she can’t forget.

After all the families that didn’t want her, Zoe finally moves into a home where she finds herself starting to grow, accepting the situation and the people around her. She can see hope as this foster parent did not give up on her like the others did  which made her realise they care. The film ends with a cliffhanger where Zoe’s little brother comes to her house and she is very excited to see him. Being with a foster parent who is strong for her and who loves her made her a better person. It also took her out her what seemed like a never ending sadness for her which changed her into a stronger little girl.

An aspect I really like about this short film is the editing. The scene where the father is getting arrested is in slow motion which makes the scene more dramatic and intensifies the atmosphere. It also helps the viewer focus on all parts of the scene, for example in the background Zoe runs out the back and is being chased by the Child Service worker and in the foreground the father is trying to fight off the police. It slows down the actions in the scene so the viewer can take in everything going on.
The colour has been manipulated in the first few scenes where the father is abusing the mother and children. It has been made dull and dark by lowering the brightness which helps accompany the situation.

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