Foreign Language – English Vinglish

english vinglish gif.gifsridevi-english-vinglish-3005.jpg

This film is about a typical Indian mother, Shashi. She wakes up early, cooks for the family, and when they’re all gone to work/school she starts her business. She makes homemade Indian sweets called Laddu’s and sells them around town. Shashi is a sweet and soft woman who doesn’t know English which her daughter and husband ridicule her for. Her daughter makes fun of her and thinks she’s embarrassing, and her husband doesn’t seem to care about her or give her any attention. Shashi always deals with it and holds in her sadness as she always gets puts down and thought less of.

They get called to New York for a family wedding where Shashi gets forced by her husband to travel earlier than the rest of the family. She’s scared of going as she’s never travelled alone and she knew there would be a language barrier. When she’s in NY she encounters major language difficulties which leaves her embarrassed and upset. She then see’s a poster advert on the local bus for a 4 week English course and decides to take the opportunity.

As the film goes on Shashi grows as a person, becoming more confident and stronger woman. She learns new things as she makes new friends which changes her and helps her understand who she really is. While learning English, she becomes good friends with her classmates and especially close with one french classmate, Laurent. He falls in love with her but she can’t accept it as she’s already married. Towards the end of the film we find out that she learns to love herself as she was being loved and shown affection by Laurent, which her husband didn’t show. Shashi makes a speech at the wedding in fluent English which shocks her family. She speaks about being treated equally, caring for one another and always being by each others side. Indirectly speaking about her own marriage, she proves to her family that she isn’t dumb and shouldn’t be treated any differently. Her character grew through the film as she started to speak up for herself and not be put down. She started to understand that she needs to be shown respect and love which she voiced through her speech which made her family think about how they have been treating her.

I highly recommend this film as not only do you see how Shashi dealt with her situation but it is also very a humorous film.

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