Documentary – Twinsters

This documentary follows Samantha and Anais who are twin sisters that were separated at birth. Born in Korea, their mother gave them up leading Samantha being adopted by an American family and Anais being adopted by a French couple. After 25 years Anais discovered one of Samantha’s YouTube videos where she’s acting and decided to reach out to her. This was a typical documentary as it included interviews which helped the viewer get more information and insight on the people, their feelings, and the overall situation. The majority of the film was filmed using a phone or a GoPro which documented all aspects of their journey. This gave a raw feeling to the film making it more personal as it’s taking the viewer into personal spaces and sharing every little detail. Some parts are also filmed like a vlog where Samantha films herself, she’s talking directly to the camera meaning she’s talking directly to the viewer. This helps connect the viewer to Samantha and helps the viewer feels the same feelings and sympathise with her during tough times. The documentary isn’t very professional in terms of editing and filming which is common for documentaries as it keeps the realism. The only scene that takes away from the realism is when Samantha was describing her dream which was illustrated to the viewer as an animation of what her dream was like. This helps break up the scene from the rest of the film as it’s an animation, it’s not real just like her dream. I enjoy the way the documentary was filmed as it connects to the viewer on a personal level as you watch Samantha cry, scream in excitement and much more like she’s sharing her moments with the viewer and they feel the same way.

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