Lights, Camera, Action!


Logan Hill is an ordinary 19-year-old boy, he likes to go out with his friends, play video games and more. 24th of August marks his parents wedding anniversary, it was Michael and Lauren’s river 25th so they planned to go to their favourite restaurant in the city and spend 2 nights at the hotel they first met, The Arch. As James booked the hotel, Lauren was unaware that The Arch is also the place where he had an affair with a colleague, Jane. Having to get to the restaurant for 7 and it was already 6:30, they said goodbye to Logan and rushed through the door. The night went on, James and Lauren finished their meal and headed over to the hotel. Meanwhile, Logan was dozing off while watching TV but keeps having strange dreams of his parents and a strange man. He kept waking up confused and intrigued by the vivid dreams.

It hits midnight and Logan has another one of his strange dreams, it’s of his parent’s door number which he then wakes up to find the number 9 branded on his right arm. At this present moment, James and Lauren are suddenly awoken by their door being barged down by a large man. James was unaware that this man, Tony, is Jane’s husband but  also an ex-serial killer. Tony begins to attack the couple until they’re unconscious. He then throws the bodies out the window and into his trucks and drives off. He arrives at this hidden place in the woods and ties the couple’s feet but ties their hands in the front. He puts them in a wooden box and places a torch in Lauren’s hands and one tube for them to breathe from. He then buries them and waits.Few hours pass and Tony starts to hear Lauren become conscious and she starts to scream. Lauren familiarised herself with the situation and started to panic but then realised she had a torch placed in her hands. She turned the torch on and found James lying next to her and tried to get him up. James gained consciousness and started to panic which alerted Tony to then use his supernatural ability to brand people. Tony began to brand “cheat” onto James’ forehead and “was my wife worth this?” on his chest. As the brandings started to appear, Lauren screams in shock and confusion. James, unaware of the brandings, starts to question Lauren which in return she explained. It all started to come together to James and he hesitated to talk but eventually confessed. Eventually, the couple suffocates as the one tube wasn’t enough to keep them both alive. After the silence took over the woods, Tony realised they died and drove off pleased.

The next day went as normal, Logan went to work and came home but invited his girlfriend Emily to stay the night. That night he started to get his weird dreams again only, this time, he dreamt of an unusual box in the woods. He feels strange and is confused so he wakes up to then find another branding on him. This time, the branding is off co-ordinates on his left leg but he doesn’t piece together the dream and brandings. He then looks over to his left to see if his girlfriend is awake to share what’s going on but he finds her dead.

As Logan’s parents don’t come home he then figures out that his parents are missing and something has happened. With the help of his dreams and brandings, he tries to find out what happened to his parents and who done it.

Characters and Casting
LoganSon, 19, Barista at Pret A Manger. Logan never did well academically so after college he decided to find a job. Besides having a job, he loves playing football, learning about cars, and even learning to cook from his mother. As he is fairly athletic, he has a built up body, fairly long brown hair, and a beard like his father.
Portrayed by Cody Christian

James – Father, 42, Lawyer. His job is his priority and it comes first over anything. He will work late most nights, therefore, he’s not very close to his family. He’s always dressed in smart clothing with an overall well-groomed look.
Portrayed by Tom Hardy

Lauren – Mother, 39, Head Chef at Pied à Terre. As she is a head chef, she too works late most nights but will spend whatever time she can with her son and husband (if he can). Lauren has short brown hair and a petite physique. She is a simple woman, she doesn’t care about makeup and all, she likes to be natural.
Portrayed by Rebecca Hall

Tony – Killer, 40, Ex-Serial Killer now Job Seeker. Tony has never had a normal life when he was a child he was abused and taken into care. No foster parents wanted to take him in so he felt unloved and unappreciated. The scars from his childhood stayed with him for life which leads him on to doing horrendous things. He went jail but was bailed out by his wife. Tony has a large and muscular built body with short brown hair and a stubbly beard.
Portrayed by Henry Cavill

Emily – Girlfriend, 18, Sales Advisor at The Body Shop. Emily and Logan have been together for 8 months. She takes a lot of pride in her appearance especially her skin as she loves to have radiantly smooth skin. Emily is also very much into makeup which is why she takes good care of her skin.  She is very experienced about products and their benefits which is why she loves working at The Body Shop. She has long brown hair with a small, sweet face and contagious smile. She is fairly tall but with a petite figure.
Portrayed by Jodie Comer

JaneWife of Tony, 37, colleague of James. Jane and James have worked together for 3 years so far and have a very good friendship. She is a beautiful woman who always wears red lipstick and loves to smoke. Even though she’s fairly tall, she always wears high heels accompanied with pencil dresses and skirts.
Portrayed by Rachel Weisz

I began thinking of a story and I thought of a boy and his parents die which leads him to have strange dreams and brandings. After I had the basic idea, I named the characters and gave them their ages and personalities.  I built up the story based on that brief outline, thinking of how the parents die, what the son is doing and how the situations flow. This helped me think of how the film will be like in my head, how everything will link which made it easier to devise an outline of it.

I enjoy watching the programme Scream, a Netflix Original, where the protagonist has a serial killer after her but has her find clues to find out the truth about her family, friends and childhood. Emma has dreams about a barn which is apparently from her childhood which she’s unfamiliar of. This gave me the idea to have Logan get dreams as clues of where his parents may be and what happened to them.

A film that I really like that inspired me is Momento. The reverse storyline and the double narrative is really intriguing. An aspect that influenced my film is how Leonard used post-it notes to remind him to do things. I turned this into Logan getting branded of clues which relate to his dreams.

After I came up with the storyline I thought of what actors and actresses were suitable to portray the roles of the characters in this film. Thinking of how the characters behave and the way I envisioned them to look gave me an idea of who I want to cast for my film.


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