161mc – My Logo

From when I first started making YouTube videos and starting out in photography I had created a simple logo with just my initials. It was just a quick logo I drew up in Photoshop but I ended up liking it very much.

When I was set this task to create a logo for my brand I thought of what I like and what I enjoy. This defines who I am as displays my personality. For years I have been interested and been drawing mandalas which has become a part of me and I even have it tattooed. Mandalas are circular designs that represent the universe and peace in the Hindu and Buddhist cultures. Also, from about the age of 12, I started getting into cameras and photography which in recent years has turned into a passion for media. From this, I incorporated the aperture into the middle of the mandala.

Within media, companies often use the sky, the world, space etc. Media production companies such as Dreamworks, Universal, Columbia, and even Paramount have some form of the sky or space element. The psychology behind shows that they are big, successful and at the top. It gives the impression to the viewers that what they’re about to watch is going to be great and amazing.
The mandala in my logo could be portrayed as the sun, showing that my brand is of high value and successful according to the psychology.
logo.pngTutorial Lens Aperture - Result.jpgScreen Shot 2017-01-17 at 14.59.46.png

I started off drawing the mandala on Photoshop. As it was going to be a logo I kept it simple yet still detailed. For this, I used a black background, white paint brush and a graphics tablet to draw out the design. I then searched for different aperture sizes online and found what I thought best suited the logo (f/2.8) and added it to the middle of the logo. I still wanted to keep a hint of my old logo so I added in my initials in the middle of the logo.
Getting feedback on my logo it often came up that I should change the font of the initials to better suit the logo and this is my final logo. I used a Sans serif font I found online at dafont.com called Ensure. San Serif fonts are “clean, simple and are very popular”. This font is “easy to read and can play a neutral role”. They also have “a straightforward message” which has a meaning of being “seen as reliable and honest”.

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 15.05.54.pngI changed the font to something very simple and minimalistic. The logo is black and white because the white stands out on the black as they are contrasting colours. Also, it keeps the focus on the design rather than the colour which I personally think keeps it looking professional. The psychology of having black in a logo design is that it “signifies power and indicates the strength of a company”. Having black in a logo “creates a feeling of authority in people”. For example, Hugo Boss and Nike are black logos which could signify that people who wear their products would feel more powerful. Having circles, ovals or ellipses in a logo has a meaning of “integrity, continuity and perfection”. These forms “suggest a meaning of community, relationships, friendships, etc”. It also suggests characterisation within a company as it describes them to be “united, integral and universal”. This logo represents me really well as I drew out the design so it has a personal touch. It’s very distinctive design helps it to be recognisable and known to be my logo. It is unique and stands out to other competitors. I believe my logo will represent my brand well.

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