161mc – Platforms Lecture

A platform is a type of media that can be consumed such as
– Films
– Games
– Social Media

Every platform has its own pros and cons such as enhancing lives in one way or limiting them in another. For example, on Twitter, you can see the latest news and updates as well as share your thoughts and opinions. There are limitations to this as there are maximum characters in a tweet, max characters in a direct message, a limit to the number of people you can follow in a day and much more. (more info here – https://iag.me/socialmedia/guides/do-you-know-the-twitter-limits/). These limitations keep the user under control as well as giving them the freedom on the site. Most the time, the restrictions on a certain platform are just as important as what it allows the user to do. For example, the character limit taught people to condense their thoughts and to just communicate the important bits.

Different platforms cater to different people as they deliver specific content, so not everything is going to be for everyone. Every platform has an important message depending on the medium.

Marshall McLuhan – The Medium is the Message
McLuhan was a Canadian professor of literature and culture. He developed a theory of media and human development correlations which he wrote a book on called ‘Understanding media; The extensions of a man’ and created the phrase ‘The medium is the message’. McLuhan implies that the changes in a platform makes a greater change in society than the platform itself. I believe McLuhan’s theory is completely true as we see it happening all around us every day. Instagram for example, is a form of social media that lets you upload and share your photos and videos to either the public or just your followers. At first, Instagram was used mostly by photographers to show off their work and advertise themselves but then the app became widely used by anyone who had a smartphone. Instagram is now used to see the latest updates on your favourite celebrities, news friends and much more. Instagram has helped independent workers such as models, artists etc. get noticed by companies and organisations which have benefited the individual such as getting employed, sponsored and more.


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