160mc – Manifesto

For the manifesto, I decided to work with Ashleigh as we have similar views. As a pair, we created a mind map of all the issues the world is currently facing.

We brainstormed issues that we thought that was relevant to people around the world as well as ourselves such as social pressures and beauty standards, becoming media producers and our futures, and more. The aim of our manifesto is to convey a message that would be relatable for young adults which would be our primary audience. Our initial idea was to go with the theme of homelessness but thinking about poverty and the lead up to homelessness we thought to link it with abuse.

Researching ways in which to film and execute the theme we came across a video from ‘Save the Children’. This video is the main inspiration in which we aim our film to look like as the film style of the video would be effective for our theme. The video takes the viewer through a little girl’s journey from her birthday and being happy to slowly becoming upset due to current events around her. There are 2 parts as there is another video that is the same style but a different issue, this is the second video. The video begins and ends on her birthday which shows that her life changed dramatically in a really short space of time. The way it’s filmed is very effective as she is the main focus and she is in the centre of the frame in each clip. This helps the viewer to clearly see her emotional and physical pain. Another aspect of the video that is really effective is the message at the end which we thought would be a good way to end our video. This style of filming would also help us to meet the assignment brief such as having split screen and graphic match.

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