160mc – People to People

This assignment requires us to find a person with an interesting story or background and make a documentary on them.

My dad

America x 1362.JPG

The person I have chosen is my dad as I personally think he’s lead a pretty interesting life.
Back when my dad lived with his family in India, he did army training but didn’t go into the army as he had a passion for law. This passion lead him onto becoming a lawyer and soon becoming his towns best lawyer. While he was a lawyer he became friends with many judges and became good friends with one of Gujrat’s best judges. Now, he’s left that all behind and is working as a full-time postman for Royal Mail. I find it fascinating how he had such an interesting and successful life back home and now he’s a postman (not that it’s a bad thing but just the dramatic change in careers is baffling). Although he is a postman, he loves it! It may not seem like the most interesting job but he gets to meet loads of new people every day, connecting with the families he posts to and more. During the festive periods such as Christmas, he always receives a box of chocolates, money, wine and much more just as a tip and a thank you from the homes he posts to. I personally think it would create an interesting documentary as it could show his past but also show him present day and connecting with everyone.
He also connects with people even when he’s not at work as he gets people from the public coming up to him and saying he looks like the famous Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan. People come ask him for photos and sometimes even autographs which turn into friendly conversations which he really enjoys.

It would be easy to film as I am from London so it’s easily accessible for the group to travel and film.

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