162mc – Fanfiction Ideas and Outlines

For this module, we have to come up with 3 ideas for our own fanfiction.

Idea 1 – Game of Thrones
Working Title – Summers Coming
It’s the most dreaded time of the year for The White Walkers. Being used to the cold and icy winter, the seasonal changes are not in their favour. They go on a quest to try and survive what they think is to be the hottest summer in years.

Idea 2 – Supernatural and Heros
Working Title – 200mg
The characters from Heros realise that they have superpowers and think the world is going to end. In thinking this, they then try to use their new powers to save the world. Along the way, they come in contact with Sam and Dean from Supernatural who start to learn about their powers and what the near future holds. They all gather and go on a journey to try and save the world. What feels like months is around 4 hours in real time as they then realise that they were drugged and tripping on acid. Everything is normal, no one has superpowers and the world is fine.

Idea 3 – Narnia and Stranger Things
Working Title – Trapped
Eleven, Dustin, Lucas and Will (kids from Stranger Things) come across a wardrobe and step into a parallel universe which is kind of like home but it’s in the land of Narnia. As they wonder round Narnia they come across The Pevensie Siblings (kids from Narnia) and find that they were kidnapped and trapped. They all work together to try to free the siblings and get back home safely.

Idea 4 – Alice in Wonderland
Working Title – He’s not dead
Alice falls down a rabbit hole in her mums rose garden and lands in a surreal place called “Underland”. The story continues as Alice ventures around Underland but comes across her long lost brother, Aiden, who the family assumed dead after he had been missing for 12 years. He has been stuck in Underland trying to throw the Red Queen off the thrown but failing. This resulted in him being punished and becoming the Red Queens slave which forced him to stay and not return back home. Alice tries to rescue her brother and fight the queen at the same time but will she succeed?

Idea 5 – Come Dine With Me and The Avengers 
Working Title – Come Dine With The Avengers
It’s Captain America’s (Steve Rogers) night to host for Thor, Hulk and Iron Man. He devises a rough menu for the night and hopes he can pull it off. The day seems to be going smoothly with the cooking but will it go well at night when everyone is judging his cooking? Has he pulled it out the bag?

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