162mc – Treatment

Working Title – Come Dine With The Avengers
It’s Stevens aka Captain America’s night, what will he stir up?

Key Characters:
David Lamb Narrating
Captain America – Steve Rogers – Host
Iron Man – Anthony Stark  – Guest
Hulk – Guest
Thor – Guest

Tonight is Stevens night to cook! On the menu tonight, we have an odd combination of Ciabatta for starters, Braised Lamb Shanks with Cannellini Beans for mains and Steve’s favourite, Creamsicles for dessert.

Instead of dressing in his tight leggings and super suit, he changes it up and walks down the stairs suited and booted. His first guest arrives with an almighty knock, Steve opens the door and its Thor. Then follows in Hulk and Iron Man a few minutes after. They all go into the living room and Steve serves them his favourite champagne. They all talk and the conversation moves into the dining room. Thor is loving the table set up as everything was red, white and blue and the plates were Captain Americas shield. For something set up in minutes, it amazed everyone so Steve was chuffed. Everyone sits and settles down while they talk about they expect of the night. Steve is in the kitchen admiring his bread as it was his first attempt and it didn’t fail! He brings out the starter and everyone is so amazed at his efforts they question if he really made it. Steve serves it and hopes for the best. Hulk being hulk demolishes the starter within seconds. Thor also compliments the starter. As everyone is enjoying the starter the room goes quiet. Steve notices that everyone is done but Anthony is just tossing the Ciabatta bread around his plate so Steve questions him. Anthony lied and said he enjoyed it but he just isn’t hungry which started to cause tension between everyone. Steve then collects everyone’s plates and disappears into the kitchen to get the main dish for everyone.

He comes out with poorly presented Lamb Shanks but despite this everyone loved the smell which made Hulks mouth water and dribble. Steve serves the meal and sits down to join everyone to eat. Anthony didn’t start eating with everyone, he’s just staring at the food. Steve asks him what’s wrong and why he isn’t trying it to which Anthony responds that he doesn’t like lamb or meat in general. Steve suggests to at least try it and if not then to try the cannellini beans otherwise he won’t be having a main meal. This turns the atmosphere very sour and awkward as hulk and Thor don’t know how to respond or what to say. Hulk manages to finish his main meal right away and complements it. As Thor is eating he smells something unusual, something foul and questions what it is. Hulk then admits that the beans are making him fart but there’s nothing he can do about it so he apologises. The night goes on and the main meal goes down well so it’s time to serve dessert. Without question, Steve takes Anthony’s plate that still has around 90% of the food still left. He goes into the kitchen in anger but tries to contain himself as the night is almost over. Steve brings out the dessert which is his favourite dessert of all time, Creamsicles. Dessert goes down well and it’s time for people to leave and vote how the night went out of 10.  Next up is Anthony’s night.

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