161mc – Memes

My task was to create a meme. I created a static meme and a video meme.
A meme is a term given to a funny picture, video or GIF that has text around it to either describe the media or mock the content of the media for humour. They normally express emotions or concerns about something. Memes are often based on current or popular events and are popular as they are funny and relatable to most. Other reasons to why they’re popular are because “they can express almost any emotion” or concern and they are easy to create.
The word meme was created be Richard Dawkins in his 1975 book called “The Selfish Gene”. He explained, “the way cultural information spreads.” Internet memes are a part of this “general meme concept” but in its own “culture and environment of the Internet.
For example, a picture might be taken out of context (doesn’t have to be) and edited with relatable text around the image. The image will then be shared on social media in hopes of becoming viral.

Static Meme

Here I used a picture of my best friend. I thought it’d make it more personal than just using an existing meme image as it’s generic. I edited the image by cropping it then adding text to the top and bottom of the image as this is the standard meme layout.

Video Meme
Here is my video meme. I used a few seconds from the famous Bill Withers song “Ain’t no Sunshine”. I was going to turn it into a GIF but the main part of the meme was the song. I used Premier Pro to edit the meme. I came up with this idea as I always find myself repeating what I say when I’m talking to my parents and in most cases I’m repeating “I know” many times. This then reminded me of the famous song which at that point I knew I needed to turn into a meme.

Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 12.16.20.png

I also got feedback on both my memes and the video meme turned out to be the funniest and the most successful. This could be due to it being a popular song with relatable text to teenagers.

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