161mc – Interactivity Lecture

Every week a group have to present half an hour of the lecture. My group’s topic was Interactivity in media. My specific group chose to do synergy and interactivity between different types of media and the audience.
When talking about synergy, cross platforming came into my mind so I chose to talk about how TV shows interact with their audiences via apps.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 16.35.47.png

Here I have spoken specifically about Britain’s got Talent and their app. Britain’s got Talent have an interactive app which allows viewers to interact with the TV show. The app became popular as it allowed the viewers to do various things such as vote for free, enter competitions, do quizzes and much more. This engages the viewer and makes them a part of the show. The app also lets the viewer share to their social media which helps bring attention to the app and the show making it more popular. This app helps connect the viewer to all 3 platforms of media for free.

YouTube, 4D cinema and many more platforms are allowing interactivity with viewers. YouTube has had an interactive element in their videos for a long time as videos would have annotations, links, comments section and likes. YouTube have now recently added a 360-degree video feature where people can upload videos that are 360 and the viewer can click around the screen and see what they want to see. The advance in camera tech being able to shoot in 360-degree video (like the Ricoh Theta, Samsung Gear 360, The Kodak PIXPRO SP360 4K etc) has made this feature very popular as people can now share their videos rather than uploading just a section or not being uploaded at all.
The advancement in cinema and allowing it to be 4D helps bring the film to life and have the viewer experience the film. 4D is different to 3D as 3D only allows the visuals to come forward and come to life whereas 4D allows the viewer to feel the film such as a pulse in the back if they were to be shot or a spray of water if they were to be in contact with water. 4D cinema is still a fairly new concept as cinemas need to be specially designed with moving seats, the right atmosphere and a specific film to show.

Interactive documentary is a new cultural form of representing reality. We looked at an example of an interactive documentary called ‘The Glowing Divide’ which was about social isolation in 3 young people. Viewers can pick a person and watch their story but they can also create their paths. The website used infographics as well as 3D video to enhance the viewer’s experience.

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