161mc – Interactive Story

An interactive video is a regular video which allows the viewer to connect and participate with the media and content by having links and annotations to other media. The video supports user interaction not only through clicking but also by voice, gestures and touch. The link or annotation will trigger a change which will either take the viewer to a different place, allow the viewer to change an aspect in the video and much more, the possibilities are endless. A Forrester’s article called “Move Beyond Awareness with Interactive Video” indicated that “turning video from a lean-back to a lean-forward interactive experience redefines what is possible with the medium.” This means that it changes the way people use the medium and their perception on it. Having an interactive aspect to a video makes it more appealing as it engages the viewer by having them being a part of it.

My task was to create an interactive story based on one of four themes of my choice. These four themes were resistance, fantasy, alternative facts and everyday superhero’s. For my interactive story, I chose everyday superhero’s. For this theme, I chose my brother as he is the reason I got into photography, art and media which is basically what my life revolves around now. My brother has always inspired me and helped me through a lot so he is my superhero and I wanted to share that.

In the video, I wanted to share information about my brother and his journey through his work. To achieve this, I used Storygami which is an online video editor that allows you to make any video interactive by adding article cards, video annotations, profile cards and much more. Storygami works by having a base video which is uploaded from YouTube.
For my interactive video, I used an “About Me” video my brother made for his YouTube channel. I used this video as the base video for my story to which I would have video annotations, profile cards, maps and more information. For example, at the beginning of the video, I added a profile card which allowed me to insert a picture of Ash and write some information about him. This card lasted for around 5 seconds on screen but the viewer can click on it and read for however long they want. When an annotation is clicked, it will pause the base video which allows the viewer to resume the video in the same place they left off. I used map annotations when Ash was talking about where he’s travelled to show the viewer where exactly the location is without them leaving the site and searching it externally. This is the easy beauty of interactive video.

Here is my interactive story.


In conclusion, interactive video is very effective in showing multiple things at once. It can be used for educational, entertainment and many other purposes. For a while there has been a “lack of interaction between the mass media and their audiences” but with the introduction to editors such as Storygami, Genarrator and even YouTube annotations, interactivity within media is becoming more popular and advanced.

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