161mc – TV Week 1

We discussed what magazine shows are and what they consist of. A magazine show is an entertainment style news programme. It consists of having different segments covering particular subjects such as current events, entertainment, interviews and more. We learnt the codes and conventions such as camera angles, lighting, video effects and more. The set up usually consists of 3 cameras focusing on the 2 presenters, guests or performance.

The One Show is an example of a magazine show that is aired on BBC. They cover areasOneShowRamblersCustom.jpg such as public interest, topical news stories, daily headlines and also have celebrity guests to get an insight on their life and career.
This helped us get an insight to how our TV shows should be filmed, structured and what content should be included.

The Tank
We got a tour of the studio and the gallery and what roles are available.
In the gallery there is the:
– Director
Controls the show and instructs what happens next for a smooth production. They coordinate the camera operators to get the shots needed.
– Vision Mixer
Controls what happens on screen while airing such as controlling pop-up windows, cutting between cameras and video transitions
– Sound Mixer
Responsible for recording the sound during the production, checking if the levels are correct and there is no background noise.
– Producer
Oversees and supervises all aspects of the production. They are responsible for the editorial content of the show.
– Script Supervisor
Makes sure the presenters know what to say by controlling the CueScript Teleprompter. They also make sure everything is running to schedule.
In the studio there are:
– 2 presenters
They host and lead the show
– 3 Camera Operators
Camera 1 focuses on the presenter to the right, camera 2 is a wide angle shot of the presenters and camera 3 focuses on the left presenter.
– Floor manager
They check if the equipment is working, assist guests, relay instructions from the gallery to the studio via talkback, give cues and time counts to the presenters or guests and much more.

We were also presented with the different topics that our group can base our TV show on which are:
– Fantasy
– Risky Business
– Weird and wonderful
– or we can pick our own

Alongside this, we were told what kind of content should be in our show
– Something topical and informative (a current affairs item)
– Something energetic and/or musical (sport or dance or another kind of performance)
– Something taboo (challenge a societal norm, in any way you like)
– Something how-to (a demonstration item)
– Something interactive (a social media/audience interaction item)
– Something international (giving a different cultural view)


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