160mc – Harrison – People to People Reflection

When thinking about the style we wanted to film in we took inspiration from a documentary about a little boy who is a jockey. This film inspired us as the first minute of the film was silent, it was just the background music and sounds such as him punching the punch bag, him riding the horse etc. This helps focus on the visuals of the film and it gives the viewer a sense of what the film is about before actually introducing the main person. The boy doesn’t say what his name is or how old he is, he introduces himself into the film by saying that his dream is to become a champion jockey and why he loves it. The film focuses purely on this dream of his and it follows him as he trains and does what he loves.

We took this idea of having the beginning focusing on the visuals and background music. As we were limited to 3 minutes, Harrison introduced himself 5 seconds into the film but this was done in a voiceover style, you don’t see Harrison until 15 seconds into the film. This helps the viewer get to know a little about Harrison before they actually see him. The visuals match what he is saying, for example, when Harrison mentions he is 10 years’ old there is a shot of his favourite Lego toys. This establishes his age and the things he is into as Lego is a famous kids toy which most of us used to play when we were young. When Harrison mentions that he wants to become an astronomer is when the viewer can see his face. It was edited like this as the interview took place in his room and the wallpaper of his room is a vibrant image of space which fit in perfectly.

The interview took place in his room as it’s a personal space that reveals a lot about him and it reflects his personality. It is also a space where he is most comfortable therefore ensuring a successful interview. It was very natural as he was very enthusiastic and excited so he has a lot to talk about. The interview was filmed with 2 cameras to get multiple angles. 1 camera was static and the other was a lot closer and filming Harrison from the side. The close-up shots were used to emphasise what he was saying in the interview and it also helps break it up as it’s not 1 static shot which can be slightly boring.
We also filmed in the park which showed another side to Harrison. It shows that even though he is autistic he is outgoing and he doesn’t let it stop him from doing things. In the park, Harrison is playing football which is his favourite sport and he is really good at it. It shows the viewers a passion of his and that he loves to go out and be sporty. The cutaways reveal more about him as it shows more of his room, personality and the things he likes.

Royalty free piano music was used in the background to set the atmosphere. The upbeat piano music works very well as it sets a happy mood and it reflects Harrison perfectly as he is a very jolly person.

Overall, I enjoyed filming and editing this documentary as I personally learnt a lot about autism and the different effects. It was also a lot of fun working with the people in my group and meeting Harrison.

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