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The One Show

The One Show is a magazine TV programme that’s broadcasted live on BBC One. It covers a variety of news headlines, current affairs and public interest. They also have celebrity guests that are interviewed during the show from all areas of the industry. This show has a family based audience as it is broadcasted before watershed and has family friendly humour and entertainment.

The presenters (who are currently Angela Scanlon, Michelle Ackerly and Matt Baker) bring a positive vibe to the show and they are usually impartial throughout te show. This creates a comfortable atmosphere as the viewers and interviewees feel like they can openly express their thoughts and opinions on certain topics.

The show opens with the intro which has upbeat and happy music which gets people excited for the show and it has bright colours which catches the viewers attention. There are segments on the show that have either been pre-recorded or are live broadcasts but from outside the studio. These VT’s usually take the viewer somewhere they may have never been or give insights into celebrities lives.
The One show that aired on 07/04/2017 revolved around a new drama show, a small town in Yorkshire and music. The segments on this particular show were informative and funny, the overall content is light-hearted but still involves serious topics such as talking about Darcus Howe who was a broadcast journalist and civil rights activist who recently passed away.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 18.31.58


Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 18.33.49The One Show covers a large amount of content in each show and its success is shown in the number of crew members. A lot of the pre-production and research is carefully done by the studio researcher and assistant producer.
Here is a behind the scenes video from ‘The Royal Television Society’ that gives an in-depth insight into what goes on before a show is broadcasted.

Some of the roles mentioned were:
– Studio Researcher
– Producer
– Assistant Producer
– Reporters
– Editor
– Director – Film team – 15 staff that make films outside of the studio
– Commissioning Editor
– Production Coordinator – For the film team
– Live Editor
– Presenters
– Camera Supervisor
– Series Live Director
– Guest Booker

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There are 4 films made each day that contribute to the VT’s. These are placed in between studio interviews and performances to break up the show and give variety in location. The studio creators, who are a team of 15, research, pitch and produce content. Current news and lined up guests depend on what VT’s are needed. It is vital that all the content flows throughout the show and everything is linked. For example, the show first talks about the show Guerrilla but then moved on to a VT about Darcus Howe and how he inspired the show. Another example is how they linked Lindsey Sterling’s interview with the next segment which was about new tech instruments. This process is done by the production coordinator as they schedule the shows running order.


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