161mc – TV Week 2

TV Show Ideas

Our First task as a group was to come up with an idea for our TV show. We were presented with the different themes and we started to discuss which we could use and what we can do within the theme. An idea that was put forward was “a children’s show for adults” which meant it would be filmed like a children’s show but with adult humour and the majority of the group liked it. As a group, we started planning the possible segments but it came to a halt when we read the brief and it stated that it had to be before watershed hours.
After revising the brief we chose the theme “Weird and Wonderful” and started discussing the possible topics we could do within it. We settled with ‘food’ as its universal, its suitable for all age groups, genders and people of various interests. It’s also an easy topic to make a magazine show on as we had ideas that fit all the criteria. There are a lot of food-related events around us such as the Vegan Festival, Chocolate Festival and more which would make great segments in our show. They are all accessible events which made it a more viable topic to go forward with.

In the previous session, we settled on our team name which is ‘FYVE’ (we are group five but our group name is five with a y which is very witty) so we thought the most suitable name for out TV show would be ‘Food by Fyve’.

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