161mc – The TV Producer

For this task, we have to compare and contrast 2 magazine programmes. For this, I chose The Gadget Show (Season 25, Episode 1) and Top Gear (Series 24, Episode 4). I enjoy watching both of these shows as I love tech and I find cars pretty interesting.

The presenters to both shows have recently changed. Many don’t like this change as the presenters have been the same for many years but I personally think that new presenters help bring new ideas and opinions to the show as well as keeping the show fresh and updated.

The presenters of The Gadget Show are currently Craig Charles who is the main host, Jon Bentley, Ortis Dealey and Georgia Barrat who test the tech. They bring a natural and comfortable vibe to the show as they talk amongst each other, they are funny and also make everything interesting and very compelling. They are also very excited and interested about new tech just like us at home.
The presenters of Top Gear are currently Chris Evans, Matt LeBlanc, Sabine Schmitz, Chris Harris, Rory Reid and Eddie Jordan. Unlike The Gadget Show, not all the presenters are in every episode, it varies but Matt LeBlanc is the main host of the show. Although, like The Gadget Show, the presenters are funny and they enjoy a bit of banter.

The Gadget Show have a very simple set design. It is a neutral and comfortable environment with a warm/neutral colour theme of mainly browns and cream. This makes it feel somewhat homely. The shows logo is large in the background with soft lighting and tech displayed around the studio. They may want the studio to feel homely as the presenters spend a lot of time there and also tech nowadays is how to improve your life but mainly at home such as fast wifi, kitchen appliances, phones and laptops, and more.
The set design of Top Gear is completely different. The studio is crowded with a live audience that are in shot and surrounding the presenters. I personally think this is very distracting but it’s how Top Gear has been set for many years. On the other hand, The Gadget Show don’t really have a live audience, their live audience is the tv crew which are sometimes on screen. There is a car display above the audience that surrounds the perimeter of the studio. All these cars are red but there is cool blue lighting that contrasts the cars which give the studio a modern and upbeat feel. There is ‘Top Gear’ in big, bold, red letters behind the main area where the presenters are. I like this set as it reflects the show very well and it also has very quirky furniture that adds to the studio look. The coffee table is in the shape of a tyre and the sofa looks inspired by race car seats.

Both shows put their products to the test and review them thoroughly. The Gadget Show review new and innovative tech in a fun way by doing different challenges and giving their first impressions. For example, Jon wanted to test the Samsung Gear 360-degree video camera. To test it he visited motorcyclists that ride around in a cylinder and he stood in the middle to record them riding round. This was interesting and informative as we can clearly see how the camera performed and it was also thrilling to watch the motorcyclists. The presenters also compete in video games in the studio which adds to the humour of the show as its very entertaining to watch them play games. They also talk directly to the camera making the viewer feel like they are a part of the show.

I enjoy how they review the most recent and hyped about, mainstream products, as well as unknown and unique products as this, gives us a better insight to what kind of tech is out there. They put it to the test to see if its really worth buying and if it’s worth they hype. I also like how informative it is as they always give the pros and cons and other alternatives to the product. Their opinions are unbiased which is why they can be trusted. The show gives the audience their twitter so after the show, the viewer can go and learn more about the products featured and see bonus footage.
The show overall has quick camera shots that are fairly fast paced which helps keep the viewer’s attention. The filming and editing is very simple so it doesn’t distract the viewer from the product and the review.

Top Gear, on the other hand, has a very cinematic look which filming the cars and them driving. Although, like The Gadget Show, there are fast paced shots to convey the speed of the cars and show excitement. They’ll use low angle shots and slow motion shots to make the cars look superior. A similarity with both shows is that they test and review their products in fun ways. They test drive expensive cars so viewers get to see rare/luxury cars that they may not get to see in person. They also talk about more affordable cars that viewers can purchase depending on their situation such as finding a good family car, luxury car, roadtrip car etc. They have good comparisons and one segment that I personally really enjoyed was when they made a car version of Pacman. This was very funny and entertaining as well as very informative.

I enjoy both shows as they have creative challenges and give a lot of useful information while being very entertaining.


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