161mc – Studio Production

This task is to analyse studio direction and visual storytelling. We have to watch a 3-4 minute clip from a magazine show and deconstruct how it was filmed.
I chose The Gadget Show (S25 E5) and chose the first 3 minutes. Overall, in the first 3 minutes, I counted roughly 42 shots ranging from wide angle shots, close up’s of Craig and close up’s of the presenters.

The episode is introduced by the title sequence which cuts to the studio. The first shot is an establishing shot where the camera is handheld and the camera op runs into the studio. It is one shot which moves from out of the studio to inside, focusing on Craig Charles who is the host then quickly panning to the presenters to introduce them. This is a medium to long shot that captures all the presenters sitting down on the sofa. The opening shot as its very raw and unclean as the footage is shaky. This gives a sense of being comfortable and natural. Even though the camera was tracking in, the camera still stayed in focus on Craig.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 19.28.27.png
Shot 1 – Running in

The shot then cuts to the next which is a static shot (therefore the camera is on a tripod) which focuses on Craig as he talks about the episode.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 19.28.34
Shot 1 – Focused on Craig


Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 19.28.40.png
Medium shot of the presenters


Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 19.36.23.png
Wide angle shot – Establishing the host, presenters and the studio

As I continued to watch, I noticed that Craig would talk directly into the camera and that is when the camera would be on him but when he talked to the presenters the camera would either change to be a wide angle shot of the studio or a medium close up of the presenters. There were close up shots to show the presenters reactions and thoughts to the topics presented which I thought was good as it helps break up the shots of Craig and it includes them more in the show. At points Craig would walk over to a TV that was in the studio, the camera would track him walking over which would then cut to the video that was playing on the TV.

The editing was very simple as there were no fancy transitions or graphics, the shots just cut from one to the next. These short shorts and quick cuts help speed up the intro, therefore, there is more time for actual content but it also keeps the viewer engaged as it would get boring having fairly long shots of just the host. Overall, I counted 3 cameras but there possibly could have been 4 as there were shots of the presenters from different angles. Although that could just be the one camera, that is focused on them, moving and capturing them from different angles. The lighting isn’t too harsh but the host and presenters are well lit and the lighting is fairly warm. This works alongside the set design as the set is fairly warm toned with brown and cream colours. There were also subtle cool lighting in the background which contrasted the warm light on the presenters.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 19.45.05
Presenters captured from different angle


One way I would change the intro is to have the opening shot more steady with less movement as the running into the studio and quick panning to the presenters made the footage look less professional. It was hard to focus as the host started talking and the camera was moving into the studio at the same time. The quick pan over to the presenters also made it less professional as there could have been a simple cut away to introduce the presenters instead of a “swoosh” motion. Overall, it was a strong intro as it introduced the host and presenters, it established the studio and it was entertaining.


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