161mc – TV Week 5

I was assigned to create the stop motion intro alongside Joana and Marcia. Joana had a stop motion software on her laptop that made creating the intro a lot easier. It made it easier as it left ghost image of the previous image so you would know how much to move the object by. We created the intro with food then ended it with cereal spelling out ‘Food by Fyve’. The intro matched our theme of weird and wonderful as the table cloth wasn’t aligned properly, there was an orange stain on it etc but we felt that this added to the quirkiness of our show.


During the lecture, we learnt about the codes and conventions of a website such as the layout and design, font and colour, accessibility etc. Websites need to bee accessible to anyone meaning that they need to be designed to aid those with disabilities or anyone with difficulty. For example, Blind people need to be able to navigate through a website so the website could have audio descriptions that read out what’s on the screen to the user.

We also learnt about the different roles that are involved when creating a website.
They are:

  • Editor
  • Editorial assistant
  • Copywriter x 2
  • Graphic designer
  • Design architect
  • Proof reader
  • Content producer x 4
  • Sticky content ideation and management
  • Social media integration and management
  • Extra features editor
  • Photographer


We got into our groups and assigned website roles.
Editor- Joana
Photographer- Anmol
Content- Kelly, Paula, Chloe, Ryan
Graphics- Nathan
Sticky Content e.g. games- Andy and Quade
Social Media Aspects- Paula and Kelly
Proof reader- Christian

We also started rehearsing the intro to the show to see how it looks, what cameras to use, the angles and more.
After, we all got together to plan and create the running order.
Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 17.03.32Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 17.03.44

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