161mc – TV Week 6

During our studio session we spoke about what everyone had done over the break and what was left to do so we can be prepared.

Before the break, we had an interviewee but dropped out because she isn’t available when we need her, therefore, we had to act quick and find someone new to interview. As our topic is food we needed someone with some knowledge about food or passion for food. We then found a nutritionist which we thought would be perfect as they could tell us about different foods and the science behind the food.

I was watching a show called RuPaul’s Drag Race where drag queens challenge each other and compete for the ultimate prize. There was an episode where they had to make a magazine TV show. One of the groups had to rush the interview and there was poor communication between one another which confused everyone and the interviewee. The interview came to an abrupt halt as the show was running out of time and the interviewee was confused if she had to leave or not as she wasn’t thanked for coming or anything, the interview just ended. This made me think how important communication is, not just between the crew members but with guests as well as they don’t know what is going on behind the scenes. This also made me think about how important timing is and how being on schedule is crucial.

There has to be a live performance in our show which could be anything from dancing to juggling. As a group, we decided that live music would be the best option as there are minimal risks and hazards involved. This makes it easier for live TV as there will be no mishaps and everything will run smoothly.
We spent a few weeks searching for relevant acts such as singers, bands, musicians etc. who would have some relevance with food such as a song about food. We needed them to be available on the day of filming and we needed it to be cheap if not free. We found a band called ‘FEET’ who are a Coventry based band made up of five students. Their genre of music is indie which is suitable for a wide audience and they have a song called ‘Baguette’ which makes them ideal for our TV show.
Here’s one of their songs which is my personal favourite.

During the break, a few of the group members went to a vegan festival that was held locally. They captured some footage and managed to get an interview with one of the stall owners. This was one VT completed and ready for our show.

The script and running order were finalised and the website along with the social media was almost ready.

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