161mc – TV Week 7

Our studio session today consisted of making sure everything runs smoothly and everyone understands what their role is.
We started off designing the set and playing around with the props to see how we want the set to look like and what works best. Our background will be plain white with frames and fruit being hung from the ceiling. We will also be using fancy red and blue chairs which work perfectly with our website theme. We experimented with using LED lights with coloured gels to see if we can make the lighting a little interesting in the background but it didn’t really work out. We then thought to light the furniture with it which seemed to work pretty well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This was just to see what looks good and what changes can be made.

We made minor changes to some of the camera angles as some angles didn’t really work well and we also made minor adjustments to the timing.
As our show is fairly quirky we thought the presenters should be dressed in something interesting. We were able to get our hands on a banana costume which you can see Quade wearing in the picture above.
Overall, our group is confident and pretty much ready to go live!

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