161mc – Reflection

This module required us to create a live TV magazine show and related website. In grounds of 15, we had to come up with an idea, plan it, record it and broadcast it. Together as a group, we decided to base our show on weird and wonderful food and call our show ‘Food by Fyve’.

As a team, we assigned everyone pre-production, studio/gallery, and website roles. Working with a camera has always been my strongest area as it’s something I’m passionate about and I enjoy. Due to this, my roles within this module have mainly been camera related which meant I could suggest and advise the team on interesting camera angles and framing to help improve our show.

For pre-production, I was excited to work on the introduction to our show. To create the intro, I was working alongside two other team members, Joana and Marcia. Together we came up with an idea of using food to create a stop-motion animation. We created it by using a DSLR and a stop motion software which gave us a ghost image of the previous shot to make moving the objects easier. We all switched roles when creating the intro so everyone had a chance to be on the camera as well as help moving the objects.

I volunteered myself to be camera operator as I wanted to experience using a different kind of camera than what I’m used to using. I wanted to explore how the camera works and what I could do with it in terms of filming. As a camera operator, I worked alongside two other camera operators, Ryan and Ieva. I was camera 2, which in our studio is situated on the far left therefore I was filming the presenters who were sitting on the right of the studio. We ensured we covered the presenters from different angles so there were a variety of shots to switch between. Being a camera operator meant that I was working closely with the director, Christian, as we had to capture what they envisioned. This meant having good communication through the headset from the gallery to the studio. At points, if the angle or framing didn’t work, or there were technical difficulties (such as cables in the way so I couldn’t move the camera in that certain direction, or the lighting was showing up too harsh) then I would suggest improvements to the director. It was also my job to make sure that everything is in focus, the pans and tracks are smooth and everything was framed correctly. During the different segments, I had to change camera positions to capture a different part of the studio and get ready for the next shot. I found this difficult at points as I had to be aware of precise timings of when I need to change and where I need to be so my camera was prepared to be recording.
Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 14.09.31.png
Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 14.17.45.png

Next is the creation of the website which is one of the most important aspects of today as a lot of information can be found online. Having a website for our TV show is important as it gives the viewer a lot of background information about the show such as bonus footage and featured segments from the show. My role for the website was the photographer. I helped capture behind the scene photos and footage to display on the website. I took photos of the presenters and crew members to have on the ‘Meet the team’ page on the website. I also had a to write a little bio on myself for the website to tell the viewers something about me and my favourite food.
Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 14.19.01.png
Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 14.19.14.png

TV production wasn’t something I really thought about when starting the course as I’ve always wanted to go into film. I was very excited to get the opportunity to work in a studio and get to explore the behind the scenes of a TV show such as what happens in the gallery etc. This module has opened my eyes to what goes on behind the cameras and especially the level of teamwork that is required to make the successful. It has also taught me valuable communication skills as good communication is key for a smooth running show. I have also gained confidence throughout the sessions in my role as I have gotten familiar with the camera and working alongside others.


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