2032MAPA – Pitch


My mum was in an abusive marriage for 2 years. It was an arranged marriage so my mum didn’t have a clue about what he was really like as she never got to know him. He was an alcoholic and a heavy smoker which lead him to be horrible. He loved my mum at first but his mother never did, so he took his mother’s side and started to hate my mum. Every time mum would get paid, he would take every penny she earned, he even burned her passport. He was very controlling; mum couldn’t have any friends or go out anywhere on her own. He used to punch, kick, yell and once even pull mums earrings out ripping her earlobe. Mum had to go hospital many times.  She couldn’t tell anyone about anything and she hid the bruises very well. After the divorce, he tried to get back with mum by saying he will change but he became a drug addict, even worse alcoholic than he used to be and more. He soon realised how much my mum meant to him but it was too late as he later then died of jaundice. His last words were my mum’s name.

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