2029MAPA – Emerging Art, Emerging Places & Morroco Dave

Contemporary Media Practice makes us explore Coventry in greater depth and seek out its hidden treasures. It helps us to explore the history, art and culture of what may seem like a dull town. I discovered events that were being held in The CET Building in Coventry town centre which held performances and exhibitions to do with the 2021 Coventry City of Culture. The CET Building used to be a print works factory and former HQ for Coventry Evening Telegraph newspaper but is now a pop art space for galleries and exhibitions, and is also a mini museum. I personally loved this setting as it presented a very historic feel and I felt immersed with the old technology and general location. It helped open my eyes about Coventry and what it had to offer as I’ve never seen anything like it. (It gave me the same vibes as when I visited HMS Belfast as both locations smelt old and had the same old technology as they used back in the day)

Emerging Art, Emerging Places

The first event I visited there was an ‘artist talk and networking session’ called Emerging Art, Emerging Place’. The main aim of this event was to inspire artists within the Midlands and bring them together to collaborate and support one another. Throughout the talk, Coventry’s 2021 cultural bid was repeatedly mentioned as they highlighted how beneficial this campaign would be to the artist’s work that they not only produce now but also in the future.

Jonny Bark was the lead speaker and organiser of the event. He is a conceptual photographer, lecturer and PhD researcher at Coventry University. An exhibition of his is currently taking place at the CET Building called ‘Inhabiting Edge Lands’ which shows rural and urban landscapes that are possibly overlooked by many, especially tourists and people unfamiliar to the environment. At the event, he presented his work which was enlightening as it highlighted the unknown aspects of the building by having projections and collage photography. Click the link below to watch a video about this work.

Nilupa Yasmin was another speaker at the event. She is a Birmingham based Fine Artist and Photographer who is “currently working on commissions with Photo Archive Miners and Multistory” (Jonny, 2017). One of her photographs from a recent project of hers called ‘Grow Me A Waterlily’ was featured in the City of Culture bid. She is a Coventry University graduate and a winner of the Photography Monitor Prize. She brought a vibe to the event which attracted students and young artistic creators and inspired us all.

Ryan Hughes is a Birmingham based independent curator who has worked with various galleries and museums across the West Midlands. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine/Studio Art which he studied at Birmingham City University. He is also the Director of Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art. Ryan has many installations in a variety of spaces as he feels that changing the location in which media is presented adds variety to an art piece and changes its tone, mood and atmosphere.

Going to this event opened my eyes to what Coventry holds and what I can achieve. These speakers inspired me to put my work out there and to convey a message within the piece.

Morocco Dave
“An afternoon of synth doodling’s in the very echo’y rear print hall.”
The second exhibition I went to was again in the rear print hall of the CET Building as a synth music producer/DJ Morocco Dave came and presented his music. The location was perfect for this as he used the echoy acoustics of the location to his advantage as it enhanced the sound and created an atmospheric experience. It was an interesting concept which enhanced his performance as the audience could wander around the print hall and experience new sounds in every corner. An aspect I enjoyed about this experience is that the mezzanine and stairwell gave us, the audience, opportunities to see and hear his performance from many angles.



“Make synths, not war” – Morocco Dave

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