2032MAPA – 1 Minute video & Treatment

This weeks task was to have a 1-minute video that shows the person being interviewed but not necessarily about the chosen topic the future film will be made on. This way the audience get to know what the person sounds like and how they look like. It gives them a brief idea of what kind of person they are like, the environment they are in etc.

I chose to call my mum via video call so people can see what she looks like, how she sounds like and get a feel for her personality. I just had a general conversation with her so it gives an idea of what she is like on a daily basis, which is bubbly and upbeat, which is a different vibe to what the future film would be like. I chose to do this as viewers can get to know her first and how she is, then later get into more detail about the topic of the film.


The film will focus on my mum, Hansa Tailor, and her struggles of being in an abusive marriage. It will concentrate on what happened, why, how its affected her life and how she has moved forward. The film will explain how abuse in a relationship can affect someone not only during that time but their future too. I imagine this film would be a performative documentary as it acknowledges the emotional aspect of the documentary. I envision the film to have fairly simple shots as I don’t want to take away the emphasis of the topic. There will be a voiceover explaining the story with various shots of Hansa accompanying it. These shots will have significance to the story and help emphasise the feeling and atmosphere.


One thought on “2032MAPA – 1 Minute video & Treatment

  1. Good now we have an idea of her persona. Performative is the correct approach also. You now need to focus on the creative image and the visual narrative. Ideally you can find a couple of people that have empathy as well as great skills!


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