2030MAPA – 1a) Work Experience Log 1

“Show you undertaken work experience (primary research)”

When creating and expanding a portfolio, experience and a wide range of skills are vital. This module requires us to obtain a short-term placement (3 days or 30 hours) within the media sector. This could be filming, being a runner, doing photography and more. This will help us network with companies, gain contacts and have a clear understanding of a professional environment and the many roles it offers.

I got in touch with a family friend who runs his own t-shirt printing company called ‘Art Hustle’. They create comedic garments that the whole family can wear and be matching. They sell a variety of products such as t-shirts, baby grows and much more. I reached out and asked if the company needed any branding materials such as an advert or promotional video for their social media or photography etc.


Dip, the owner of the company, asked if I could help advertise their baby clothing but in terms of video, this would be a tough challenge as I don’t have a baby to model and show off the clothing and coming up with a way to film the clothing without it being boring was difficult. Due to this, I offered to do photography for the clothing as I could capture the product without the need of a child. This idea didn’t seem to appeal to Dip, therefore, he told us to advertise his new line of embroidered teddy bears. There are a wide range of teddy bears to choose from and they will be personalised with the child’s name. These are unique products are the personalisation is directly on the teddy bear whereas most competitor companies personalise a t-shirt which is then worn by a teddy bear.


I then had a phone call from Dip asking that he also wanted a behind the scenes video which showed him creating the product. This video may be put on his social media but if not he will keep it for his records and maybe publish it in the future. I was more than happy to do this as I was very curious about how the product was made and knew others would be too.

I invited my friend Leeza to join me to do this so we could capture different angles at once, help each other with lighting and photography and much more. We came up with a few possible advert ideas, when to start filming and what equipment we may need.

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 15.21.07 The agreed date to start filming is 19th February 2018.

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