2032MAPA – Transgressions Group Shooting Script

The first frame is black – fade in the first clip of coin with droplet in it (filming outside of his house) ·      No sound at the very start

·      Then the sound of a tap dripping starts halfway through (muffled audio as if underwater to reflect the flood)

·      Other sounds of flooding water and shouting are faded in the background to recreate the idea of being in the flood

Coin shot continued ·      Other sounds fade away

·      Tap dripping audio becomes clearer as the first image fades away

See close up of the tap dripping ·      The voiceover begins – he will be describing the event i.e. “the water rose to ceiling level” – not giving away the full story yet
Static shots of objects and possessions around his new house, mainly close-ups:

·      Plants

·      Picture frames

·      Ornaments

·      Swimming pool

·      Absence of sound/ audio

·      Voiceover continues – describing how he felt i.e. “it happened so quickly and I was worried and distressed”

Cut straight to the beach – wide angle long shot of him walking

Over the shoulder shot of him walking

Shot from the sea – GoPro half underwater to show above and below

·      Sounds of the sea and waves fade in

·      Voiceover continues – talking about old house and how it held many memories that destroyed everything

Arrives at area where his old house was – stands still – wide angle shot of Chris in the empty land ·      Water audio transitions into archive audio of the flood flowing

·      Voiceover continues – talk about the location of the house and the sentiment behind it / explain how the government has made it into a flood zone

Cuts to a mid-close up of Chris to show his emotion being back there ·      Flood flowing audio continues

·      Voiceover continues – Chris’ first reaction to the flood and how it began

Extreme long shot of land – overlay of old house not destroyed on top of this ·      Flood flowing audio continues

·      Voiceover continues – how long it took him to build the house and how quickly the water tore it down

Possible drone shot to show the amount of land destroyed ·      Flood flowing audio continues

·      Voiceover continues – Speaks about how long he has lived in France.

Archive footage (stills and videos) of flood happening and aftermath introduced ·      Flood flowing audio continues

·      Voiceover continues – Talks about how unexpected the event was.

Long shot of the river as it is now ·      Flood flowing audio continues

·      Voiceover ends with Chris talking about the new house and comparing the feeling of living there to the old house (uplifting/nostalgic moment as he has found his home in a new place).

Mid shot of Chris at the old house which will then cut to the same shot but at his new house ·      Tap dripping audio as seen in the start of the documentary comes in again and drips slowly until it stops

One thought on “2032MAPA – Transgressions Group Shooting Script

  1. You have considered the audio well. I think that you need to push the imagery further as it is dominated by convention in quite a few places.


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