2030MAPA – 1a) Work Experience Log 2

Dip introduced us to the different products such as the teddy bears, small teddy’s with blankets, and the range of clothing he sells.
We figured out what products to film first, the location to film it in, the different angles, background, lighting and more. As the personalised teddy bears were the focus of our project we filmed them first. We chose to film on location instead of in a studio as there is a graffiti feature wall in the room we were filming in so we decided to film against that. This gave the shots a pop of colour, some interest and it helps advertises his brand well. Next to consider was where to place the bears and how to place them. There was a choice of a black or white table top but we decided that placing the bears on a white table top would be better as it helped the bears to stand out and it reflected the lighting better. Then began filming. We followed our vision of the video and filmed according to our plan.

Once we were done filming, we moved on to filming the behind the scenes video where it shows the process of how the personalisation is done. This was really interesting as the machine used is the machine Rolls Royce use to embroider their products. While the process went on I captured close up shots with a 50mm lens to show the intricacy of the embroidery while Leeza filmed the overall process.

Overall, filming went very well and to plan. We captured everything that was needed for the videos and a little extra.

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