2030MAPA – 1a) Work Experience Log 3

During editing, Leeza and I kept in close contact with Dip by showing him our progress throughout and getting his feedback and opinions on it so far. This helped us ensure that he would be pleased with the final outcome and that it also matches his vision. When working with clients its essential to have good communication as this helps achieve the best outcome. Good communication can help build a comfortable and efficient working environment which in turn helps build good working relationships between staff and the client. Honest communication is vital as it can connect employees together which will help build a stronger team and provide a smoother workflow. We gave our input and suggested different ideas to Dip such as having a voice over for the behind the scenes video but he was not keen on the idea, therefore, he told us to leave it how he is as he likes it like that.

To edit the videos, we experimented with After Effects to add interesting graphics to the promotional video. This tied the video together as the graphics show the names being written onto the teddy bears and promotional phrases such as “personalise the name”. These graphics help guide the viewer through the advert and explain what the product is and what is going on as there is no voice-over.

It was difficult working with a client that did not have a specific brief for us to follow so we took initiative and created an advert that would appeal to families. We made it appeal to children and parents by using shots that were colourful and graphics that were visually stimulating. As there was no brief, we were in constant contact with Dip asking if what we had done was what he wanted and if he liked it.

Here are the final videos:
Behind the scenes:

Promotional Video:

Overall, this work experience has opened my eyes to a different form of media as I am used to creating short films and documentaries. Creating an advert made me think more in-depth about styling the advert towards a specific target audience and how I can make the product appeal to them. It also helped me gain more confidence and experience with after effects as I taught myself how to create the different kinds of graphics which I can now confidently use in future work. Being a student I am used to working amongst other students on projects but working with a client in the professional workplace was a different and interesting experience as I am collaborating with new people.



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