2030MAPA – 1a) Interview (Primary Research)

“Show you have met with individuals and talked about the work and what it entails (primary research)”

Talking to people in the industry gave me an insight into what I need to do in order to get into a highly competitive industry. This also helped me realise the importance of networking and connecting with individuals to gain experience.

I spoke to Ash Tailor and he gave me really helpful advice on how to start out in the industry and how he got in. I chose to interview him as he is a cinematographer so he is experienced in the role I wish to pursue thus providing me with helpful guidance. He gave me detailed advice on how to be successful in cinematography and how I can use my creative eye and visions.

Q. Have you got any advice on how to get into the media industry?
A. Find production companies, find volunteering positions, find facebook groups, reach out to other people you look up to for advice.

Q. How did you start out in the media industry?
A. I started out by fluke. I joined a university doing A/V. After a while, it transpired that the video department needed some extra help and i volunteered. Soon enough, i began doing more work for them and before i knew it, i slowly transitioned into the department.

Q. What advice would you give to aspiring cinematographers?
A. Honestly, just shoot, experiment and dont be afraid. Try and find a voice within your images. It’s not about the technical, it’s about what you can make people feel with your images. I often get side tracked myself but you need to keep telling yourself to focus on the story/product/aim of the piece and just try and do the best that you can to make that happen. To make the directors vision come true.

Q.  How has your photography degree helped you in becoming a cinematographer?
A. I originally thought it would be super helpful but in reality, you learn by doing and in order to do have, having a film related degree helps. I think the way in which is has possibly helped is looking at the image and composing.

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