2030MAPA – 1b) Social Networks

“Evidence of research around the professional networks and communities of practice, both physical and online, that are suitable for your chosen career path.”

I started a LinkedIn profile to help advertise myself and my skills to increase job opportunities as I can connect with companies as well as individuals within the field I want to progress in. I also joined LinkedIn as “it is one of the most popular social networks with over 467 million members worldwide” [Statista, 2018] which means I am associated with a large community of professionals to connect with and present myself to.

On my profile, I have included places where I have worked, done work experience and volunteered. I have included places that are not linked to my aspiring job role in media such as working in retail as it shows that I can learn quickly and adapt well as well as showing that I have experience in different sectors. It indicates that I have a range of skills which makes me more marketable.

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 14.52.56



I have connected with freelancers and companies within the field I want to progress in as well as following fellow Coventry university students and media graduates. When connecting with students, they know my skills and strengths, therefore, we can endorse each other’s skills. “Endorsements can be reciprocal in that they let your connections validate the strengths found in your own profile.” [Lisa Swan, 2013] Endorsing skills is an effective way to help build my professional profile and branding. I also follow media and film graduates to analyse the skills and experience they have in order to be employed in their chosen field. It helps me to understand what I need to add to my profile to help build my online presence and make me more appealing.

As I continue to do work experience in the future I can develop my profile and use LinkedIn more as so far it has not been beneficial for me in terms of career opportunities.

Using social media to showcase your work opens your work up to a larger audience. “Social media has become a powerful tool” [Paul Mitchell, 2018] to create a professional profile. I use Instagram casually but to also exhibit my photography work and follow professionals in the industry. Following cinematographers and filmmakers gives me insight into what equipment they are using, the software’s used to edit, and much more. It helps me to learn about what is used and how it’s done in the industry to then aid in developing my skills for future content. I have noticed that cinematographers use Instagram as a platform to portray their photography or film stills as photography has a close link to cinematography. These images give me a greater understanding behind the shot in terms in terms of framing, subject analysis, colour and much more.

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Cinematography entails a wide range of skills and knowledge within the job role. I found online forums beneficial in learning about the different skills as I have little experience in this role, therefore, having a community that shares technical ideas and how to posts is very useful. It is also a supportive place where individuals can share work and get feedback in order to improve and develop. Cinematography.com has many sub-forums to do with anything cinematography related from operating a camera to lenses and accessories. The subforums I find most useful is ‘Students and New Filmmakers’ where there are more sub-forums on how to colour grade, filming on a budget and much more. I have learnt a lot about basic to advanced cinematography skills by reading these forums.

Another forum I came across is studentfilmmakers.com which is similar to cinematography.com in terms of the content for the forums but businesses and individuals also post on there to hire others. This forum is very helpful as it is for strictly students, therefore, there is information on how to develop yourself and get further in the industry as well as learn about different media roles.


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