2030MAPA – 1c) Professional Networks

“Evidence of your engagement in established professional networks”

BBC Asian Network
I visited an event held by The BBC Asian Network in The Mac, Birmingham. I attended 3 talks which involved a panel of creators that worked or had associations with the BBC such as Harpz Kaur, Ayaz Hussain and Sideman.

The first talk I went to was ‘How to make your mark in the industry: Women in media’ hosted by Harpz Kaur, where they spoke about how careers for women have developed in the years and how we can continue that progression. This was very useful as they explained how we can break gender barriers in the industry as “there were more than three times as many male reporters as women.” [Jane Martinson, 2014] It presented the stigma around females doing what is seen as a male’s job and how we can be successful in the industry. This was helpful as it gave me insight into how I can peruse a job in the media industry without social and gender barriers.

The second talk was ‘How to market yourself: Digital Branding and Social Media’ hosted by Yasser. The panel consisted of Ayaz Hussain who is a social media coach, Sideman and the team at GRM Daily. I enjoyed this talk the most as it was very relatable as I follow GRM Daily and learnt a lot about how to brand myself online. Ayaz spoke about how to present yourself online, how to gain a following and what to avoid doing on social media. He suggested creating different social media accounts for different uses (i.e photography and personal) and also recommended apps to use to get more likes and followers on Instagram to help build your community of people. I found this very helpful as I applied his tips to my social media and have noticed a development. It has helped me connect with similar accounts and individuals to gain a bigger community and contacts.

The third talk was ‘Careers behind the mic’ which gave an insight into the challenges of working in the media industry and how to get your foot in the door. The talk clearly outlined the steps to take when going into the industry and what different roles are out there besides what you just see on TV.
These talks opened my eyes to what else is out there besides just film and the countless job opportunities within TV and broadcasting.

Global Entrepreneurship Festival
The Global Entrepreneurship Festival was an event I was hired to document. It was an event run by Coventry University to explain the steps of setting up your own business and the importance of connections and partnerships. I documented 2 days of the event, one of where Trish Adudu was speaking in. Trish is a radio breakfast show presenter for BBC Coventry and Warwick. In the event I had the chance to talk to her current projects she is working on, working in the media industry and more.  This was helpful as I was personally talking to someone who has great experience on the TV side of the media industry.
The event also had entrepreneurs explaining how they got to where they are and what the hurdles they came across. If I wanted to become a freelance videographer or eventually have my own production company, it outlined clearly how to set up your own business and what to do to make it successful.

Black International Film Festival
I visited and documented this event to create a promotional video for it. This event screened independent short films to give light to black cinema as “black films focus on many different aspects of African- American life – not just crime and drug culture which has often provided the backdrop to black stories in US cinema” [Tom Brook,2014]. It was refreshing to see independent films such as ‘Afropunk Girl’, ‘Greycon’, ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot’ and many more. During this event, I had the chance to interview the directors, actors and actresses that were featured in the films. I learnt about how races are portrayed in media, how to get started on a short film and the importance of film festivals. I also got to meet and talk to an actress I have been following for many years, Danielle Vitalis, who is an actress in Afropunk Girl, Youngers (E4), and Attack the Block which was nominated for a BAFTA Film Award. She spoke about how it is like being an actress, how she gets roles, and life in general being on TV. This event helped me gain connections and learn a lot more about the media industry.


Martinson, J. (2014). Women still vastly outnumbered by men on UK radio and TV news. [online] the Guardian. Available at: https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2014/apr/03/male-experts-female-tv-radio-research [Accessed 17 Apr. 2018].

Anon, (2018). About. [online] Available at: https://www.biffestival.co.uk/about/ [Accessed 17 Apr. 2018].



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