2030MAPA – 1e) Feedback on Online Portfolio

“Feedback is a tool for continued learning” [Susan DeFranzo, 2015] so I found it useful to get feedback on my online portfolio. I got feedback from Ash Tailor who is a cinematographer which is what I hope to peruse as a career in the future. Getting feedback from an industry professional is useful as they know what employers in the industry are looking for and what attracts them, therefore, the feedback can help me cater my website towards them.

Ash saw the overall vibe I was going for with the simplicity and the type of content I have presented.
Overall, I am pleased with the feedback given as I can now go and make the amendments to my portfolio to make improve it.

DeFranzo, S. (2015). 5 Reasons Why Feedback is Important. [online] Snap Surveys Blog. Available at: https://www.snapsurveys.com/blog/5-reasons-feedback-important/ [Accessed 25 Apr 2018].

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