2030MAPA – 2) Professional Portfolio


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I chose to create my online portfolio on WIX as I have used it before and it is simple to use. Wix gives the option to create a website using their premade templates or to create one from scratch. I chose to create my website from scratch as this way I would have the freedom to design and customise my website the way I envision it to be. It also ensures that my website is unique to me as I have designed it so no one will have the same look as mine.

As I want to go into cinematography, on my website I have my showreel, videography work and photography. I have put my showreel as it shows my best work collated in a short, brief video. I put it on there so the viewer does not have to view all my work individually if they wish not to. My showreel is also there for potential employers to look at as it contains my best work and shows off my skills. I have put my videography work on my website to show all the things I have created and participated in. I have included university work as well as other projects I have worked on to show a variety of different tasks I have completed. My videography work displays my skills in many sectors such as camera work and editing. Viewers can also see each piece of media fully and in depth and also get details on it and find out what role I undertook. I chose to put my photography work on my website as photography and cinematography have a close relationship. They both entail using essential camera skills such as framing, composition, lighting, colour and much more. Viewers can see how my skills with a camera are in different situations and locations. On the homepage, I have also linked my social media where viewers can visit my social media and find out more about me and my work. Through social media, they can view more of my work and get in contact with me if they wish.

When creating my website I took inspiration from http://www.ashtailor.co.uk/ as I liked the simplicity and minimalistic look to the website. I have used a simple monochrome design to keep my website sleek and professional. I did not use patterned or busy looking backgrounds for my website as it will look cluttered and unprofessional. I chose black and white as it helps my work stand out and it looks minimalistic. On the homepage, I have also added my logo which is black and white therefore everything works well together in harmony. Underneath my logo, I have put my roles but I have given them a 3D effect to just help it stand out and give it a slight pop of colour from the rest of the writing on the page. It helps separate the text from the menu and they are different styles. I have a simple house style where all pages are laid out the same and all the writing is the same font. I have done this to make it easier to view content and navigate through the pages. It also keeps everything looking consistent and minimal which is what I aim for my website to look like. I have also sectioned off my work and labelled each image and video to show what exactly it is and where to go to view the work in more detail. I did this so viewers can easily see what the image is and not make them guess what they are viewing. I have also sectioned off my videography work so my university work is first and my other videography work is after. I have done this so it shows my progress from A-Level media to university. I feel that this is a good judgement in terms of employability as employers can view a range of my work and see that I have a range of content from short films, documentaries, photography, editing etc. From this, I present myself as a versatile individual and present a range of skills.




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