Media Me

A video that took 2 days to create

I have always enjoyed creating stop-motion videos so I thought to create my ‘media me’ piece as a stop-motion video. It is an interesting way to portray my media experience as it takes the viewer through my journey in a fascinating way instead of just plainly showing old images and videos which is unimaginative. Stop motion brings inanimate things to life and tells a story which is magical.

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 21.00.50
This was my set up. I had a black piece of card as the background, two softboxes to the left and right of the background, a reflector to help even out the light and I had my camera parallel to the filming area. I first tried having the camera on the tripod tilted down but it had a slight angle to it so it gave a strange perspective. I then decided to rest the camera so it is directly above, therefore, giving the best angle and framing.  I also used a remote to take the pictures so I would prevent shaking or moving the camera when pressing the shutter button.

To create the video, I started off planning and writing the script for the voiceover. After recording the voiceover, I imported it into premiere pro to see how long it was so I could get an idea on how many pictures to take for the stop motion. The voiceover and script was also a guide to what images to use in the video and in what order they would appear. To produce the stop motion, I took a picture, moved the image slightly, took another picture, moved the image slightly and so on. I then edited it all together by importing it into premiere pro, adjusting the speed of each image to 00:00:00:03 then adding it to the sequence. The stop-motion turned out to be a lot shorter than the voiceover so in an attempt to make it work I adjusted the timings of each image, duplicated some images, cutting down the voice over and more but it didn’t work out as I simply did not take enough pictures to create a long enough video. As it wasn’t long enough it did not match with the voiceover and it was a bit too fast.
In order to fix this, I refilmed the stop-motion making sure to take enough or even overtake images as this would assure that I had a long enough video. Learning from my mistake, I took more images and took my time in making it by listening to the voice over and moving the images correspondingly. I adjusted the timing of the images to 00:00:00:04 the second time around as 03 was slightly too fast. The stop-motion turned out to be slightly long which was perfectly fine as it allowed breaks in voiceover or in the visuals. After colour correction and some fine tuning, the video was done!

Here is the final product (:


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