160mc – Manifesto

For the manifesto, I decided to work with Ashleigh as we have similar views. As a pair, we created a mind map of all the issues the world is currently facing. We brainstormed issues that we thought that was relevant to people around the world as well as ourselves such as social pressures and beauty … More 160mc – Manifesto

160mc – Grizzly Man

“How does your perception of Timothy Treadwell evolve during the film, and how is that opinion shaped by Herzog’s narration?” Grizzly Man is a documentary created by Werner Herzog about the life of Timothy Treadwell. Timothy was a man that dedicated his life to nature, especially bears. His keen interest and passion for these animals are … More 160mc – Grizzly Man

160mc Project 1 – Superheros – Freshers Flu Cru

Our first task on this course was to get into groups and create our own superhero/s. We had to give them a background, a super power and all things related to superhero’s. My group and I took inspiration from ourselves and created superhero’s based on us. The group comes across a dead pigeon that was … More 160mc Project 1 – Superheros – Freshers Flu Cru